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Welcome home family.  I would love to introduce you to my space, a place of laughter, love, inspiration and peace.  I humbly open my home and space to you in efforts to help you find that inner space that you have been looking for.

Jai Essence Estates is a lively place where we welcome you to "woo-sah" and spend some time just living.  With an attentive team to take care of your needs, you find yourself having time to reflect on the things that truly matter.  As well as a place to find a bit of peace. 

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Amenities & Services

I know this the space where you are supposed to sell your services, but honestly...I rather offer.  

This is who we are at Jai Essence Estates.  We lead in love and we welcome you to our routines.  

Join us as you get to fall into pace with how we live.  In our shared housing , we offer an intimate experience with scenery, culture and lifestyle. 


Daily Meals

Welcome to Felix's Office, or what others simply call a kitchen.  Felix takes pride in provide meals everyday that showcase variety, inspiration and a bit of flair.  Don't get spoiled with those fresh juices!

Comfort & Care

Just come and relax.  With our natural garden, comfortable patio, and ease of routine...we provide a space for breathing and a peaceful day.

Daily Cleaning

You really have nothing to worry about, with our team...laundry is done for you, everyday.  Along with fresh linens, hot water, and other amenities.  You are home and we, treat you as such.  Just relax, we got you.


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